When Is the Best Time to Eat?

It is true that the food we eat have their certain impact on our health and weight. But do you know that the time of the day when you took up the food actually create a lot of difference? So help yourself to the right time of the day to eat for you to make the most out of your fat burning goal.

The first rule to remember is to try to eat at least every 4 hours. Most people are contented with 3 big meals each day, although others like to indulge into 4 smaller meals throughout the day. You are free to work on the right combination that works well for you. Timing your meal into the right degree will ensure fat loss through the prevention of excess insulin to allow leptin to control your metabolism and appetite. Doing this will also balance cortisol, which is the stress hormone. It is also needed that you eat your meals at exactly the same time each day.

Upon waking up in the morning, be sure to eat within the first hour. Breakfast is considered the most vital meal of the day. If you have the habit of skipping breakfast, you will lose the benefits of your metabolic rate. You also become more prone of consuming more calories, unbalanced meals, and bigger amount of saturated fat. Research also shows that those who skip their breakfast have heavier weight mass.

Before hitting the sack, do not eat within the 3 hours span. Eating before going to sleep will augment your body's temperature, prevents the production of melatonin, increases insulin and blood sugar, and lowers your growth hormone. All of these could lower your fat burning ability and may even work to mess up with your sleeping pattern. In addition, you should understand that sleep deprivation will lead to more food cravings. If you have the need to eat before hitting the bed then go for light snack.

It is always good to start your day by consuming protein. You could combine starchy carbs for lunch and dinner, instead of breakfast. Go for eggs or smoothies for your breakfast and you will be sure to eat less the whole day. Make it a point to consume your foods about 45 minutes after you are done with workout. The meal should come high in carbohydrate and low in fat. Never work on any weight training exercises on an empty stomach. Remember that you will need energy to allow your body to perform at its best. Also, never eat while you are doing something. Always focus on your food.

Indeed, these are just some of the healthy routines we could follow to ensure optimum health. We should become conscious of everything we put into our mouth and the time of the day when we do so. By doing all of these steps, we could ensure of a healthy body. So ensure good woman healthy by eating your foods at the proper time. This way, we could all look forward to a healthy body.