A Compact Guide to Pros and Contras of Removal of Penile Foreskin Surgery (Circumcision)

The operation of foreskin removal from the penis, known as well as circumcision, has its own medical pros and contras. On the one hand, the circumcision brings obvious benefits to the patient. On the other hand, it is connected with certain risks. The benefits are as follows: much less risk of acquiring a urinary tract infection; the same goes for diseases transmitted through having sex and even for penile cancer. Among the involved risks one finds: the surgery might be quite painful, there is a possibility, though not significant, of bleeding or getting an infection. The older the person - a baby, a boy, an adult man - the higher the risks become.

According to reputable sources of medical clinical research there are certain evidences that the circumcision brings down the risks of some adverse conditions for male infants, such as:

What ate the actual risks of the circumcision surgery? All in all, they are as follows:

Are there any considerable benefits acquired through this surgery operation?

The well-established health benefits of the circumcision include:

Are there any disadvantages to the circumcision method?

Yes, we regret to say, there are some disadvantages to this method. They are as follows:

Circumcision is not a major operation and is commonly done in the hospital as an ambulatory procedure by using local anesthesia. For very small children, general anesthesia is recommended.

But as the practice shows, the chances to get problems after circumcision are very low. Anyway, do not hesitate to contact the doctor in the following cases: