Healthy Snacks and Drinks Recipes

Maybe you have heard of the Medifast diet plan or the Nutrisystem Diet Program. These are all diet programs for people who would want to lose some weight. They are very effective but they can also be expensive for persons who have average income but much expenditure. Many cannot afford these programs. However, if you are determined to lose some weight, you do not really need to avail any of these programs. All you have to do is to know foods low in calories so that you can still eat healthy and lose some weight at the same time. Following are some of healthy recipes that you can have for weight loss. It can also affect the exchange of fluids in the body, to understand, read about bustmaxx.

In Between Meals

As for snacks and appetizers, you can have some turkey crackers snack. All you have to do is to prepare a low calorie biscuits or cracker. There are many selections of low calorie biscuits and crackers in the market. You will also need some shredded low fat cheese and five small slices of turkey breast.

For the preparation, you can place half the slice you made of the turkey breast on a single cracker or biscuit and top all of it with the shredded cheese. Put it in an oven and broil until cheese melts all over the turkey bits and the crackers or biscuits.

This is just one of the many appetizers or snacks which are low in calorie. There are many more selections if you want.

Beverages or Drinks

Drinks and/or beverages are big culprits in gaining weight. This is true especially for people who have somehow been addicted to colas and sodas. So if you have the chance, it is better to make your own drink rather than get one from the store. Here is a good and delicious recipe for a drink; the lemonade strawberry drink.

The ingredients for this beverage are simple. All you have to get from the market are two cups of strawberries. These strawberries must be sliced. Lemon juice amounting to twelve tablespoons if squeezed. Two thirds of a cup of club soda and mineral water; this is to be served per glass basis. Lastly, you will need five tablespoons of refined sugar and eight tablespoons of Splenda.

To prepare, you will have to work gradually. First is to mix most of the strawberries (leave some to add to the glass later) and one tablespoon of sugar in a blender and blend. After blending, put into glass and add the remaining strawberries. This time, you add two tablespoons of Splenda and another tablespoon of sugar. Lastly, mix all that remains and stir well.

Just like the recipe mentioned above, this is just one of the many healthy beverages that you can make. There are more like there are healthier low calorie snacks available. As you can see, there is actually a way to be healthy, lose weight and enjoy what you eat still. It is all just a matter of understanding what you administer to your body.