Pro Tone

Pro Tone, the combination of Three Super Nutrients from the ocean nourishes the human body at cellular level and keeps it Youthful and Healthy. It is an anti aging formula made from foods of Nature. It helps in maintaining beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Pro Tone is a unique blend of very potent and naturally occurring nutrients from the ocean. Each ingredient has been thoroughly researched and widely used and acclaimed for many health benefits.

Each ingredient of Pro Tone is well proven for the benefits of preventing all types of heart diseases including lowering of blood cholesterol levels.

The ingredients are:

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Concentrate (Perna Canaliculus)

It is very rich in Mucopolysaccharides (Glycosaminoglycan), ETA (Omega 3 essential fatty acid) and SOD (Super anti oxidant).

Perna Canaliculus has become the focus of many scientific and medical studies because it possesses so many healing properties. It can slow down the process of aging by replenishing the sulphated MPS in the human body. It is the basic nourishment for human cells.

Arctic Ascophyllum: Polysaccharides- A rich source of all the essential amino acids, vitamin B2, B3, choline, Carotene and wide spectrum of minerals including Iodine and trace minerals.

Freeze-dried microencapsulated Omega 3 Salmon Fish oil -The best source of Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) EPA and DHA. It is highly beneficial for Cardio vascular diseases.

Major Benefits

Anti aging properties - Mucos maintains flexibility of arteries, preserves the elasticity of skin and aids in retaining moisture.

Prevention of Cardio vascular diseases - Excellent tonic for heart and the circulatory system. It helps to lower levels of cholesterol in blood.

Structural integrity - Maintains the structural integrity of cartilage and bones.

Cell growth - Plays an important roe in cell growth and adhesiveness.

Exchange of nutrients -They help to normalize the bio-exchange of electrolytes, oxygen and nutrients between the capillaries and discrete cells.

Prevention of blood clotting - Help in modulating the viscosity of body fluids including human blood, thereby helping to reduce platelet aggregation and prevent blood clots.

Free Radicals Scavenging- Free radicals scavenging -High level of SOD helps in the detoxification of free radicals, which contributes to anti-aging.

Cancer Relief - Mussels are linked to cancer relief as per the article in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Arthritis and Asthma relief - Many medical studies have been conducted to demonstrate the role of MPS in reliving arthritis and asthma.

Hypo-thyroid relief - good for weight loss, hair loss, goiter and ulcers.

With its natural high protein, mucopolysaccharides (MPSR), enzyme, vitamin and mineral content, Aquaculture Mussel in Pro Tone stands as a bounty of nutrition for good health. The uncooked mollusk is carefully processed and preserved to e conveniently available to the health-conscious consumer in the highly concentrated supplement form, Pro Tone. Pro Tone retains the broad, active nutritional profile of the best of the fresh mussel and represents a valuable addition to the diet for promoting optimal health through sound nutrition.